Jan 292008

SunVTS, Sun Validation Test Suite, tests and validates Sun hardware by verifying the configuration and functionality of hardware controllers, devices, and platforms. SunVTS is used to ensure a “clean bill of health” of the overall system under test and its underlying hardware. Several diagnosability features incorporated in the latest release makes SunVTS an effective online/offline diagnostics tool. The added emphasis on failed FRU (field replaceable unit) identification, and data safe, low impact testing, makes it appropriate for use online and offline in ant environments.

SunVTS supports a flexible interface that allows a user to remotely schedule and monitor anything from a single test on a single piece of hardware to multiple instances of multiple tests in order to fully stress the system. SunVTS runs on all Sun SPARC based platforms supporting Solaris 2.5 or later releases. SunVTS also runs on many Sun x86 based platforms supporting Solaris 10 or later.

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