Jun 192009

In the past we have to mess around with the NDD commands and stats tools like kstat to find the network link status, speed, duplex information in Sun Solaris. With Solaris 10, this has become much easier with the dladm utility.

dladm is the admin utility for Data-Link Interface which helps to display informarthe like Link Status (UP/DOWN), Speed, Duplex, MTU, VLAN Tagged and crucially statistics of network traffic on each of the interfaces historically as well as in real time. dladm can also configure and admin Link Aggregation on multiple NICs which we will not focus here.
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Mar 202008

IP Multipathing (IPMP) in Sun Solaris enables the load balancing capabilities and resilience for Network connections with multple Network Interface Cards (NIC).

IPMP is mostly used to provide resilience with network connections wherein a Sun Solaris Server with multiple NICs can be configured such that if the primary NIC fails it automatically failover to the secondary NIC on the system. Also, if it is a multi-switch environment then each Network Interface participating in IPMP can be connection to two different switches such that a network connection failure due to a NIC failure or a switch failure can be avoided.

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