Apr 242008

IP packet forwarding is the process of routing packets between network interfaces on one system. A packet arriving on one network interface and addressed to a host on a different network is forwarded to the appropriate interface.

In Solaris 10, IP Forwarding can be enabled or disabled using the routeadm & ifconfig commands as against the ndd commands in Solaris 9 and earlier. The advantage is the change dynamic and real-time and the change persist across reboot unlike the ndd command.

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Mar 222008

Do you you DHCP to get the IP Address for your Solaris Server or workstation then its worth understanding what your DHCP Agent by default requests for from the DHCP server and help avoid certain network issues like “unknown” hostname issue as I’ve descrbed here.

The DHCP Agent by default requests for the

Subnet Mask

Default Router


DNS Domain

Broadcast Address

Encapsulated Vendor Option (vendor specific information as described in RFC 2132)

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