Apr 242008

IP packet forwarding is the process of routing packets between network interfaces on one system. A packet arriving on one network interface and addressed to a host on a different network is forwarded to the appropriate interface.

In Solaris 10, IP Forwarding can be enabled or disabled using the routeadm & ifconfig commands as against the ndd commands in Solaris 9 and earlier. The advantage is the change dynamic and real-time and the change persist across reboot unlike the ndd command.

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Mar 192008

Solaris Operating Environment by default is configured to both accept and send  the ICMP Redirect messages. According to RFCs, only a router or a gateway device should send an ICMP Redirect message and any other hosts should only be able to receive the ICMP Redirects. If the Solaris server is not acting as a Router or a Gateway then sending ICMP Redirect message should be disabled. The same applies to accepting ICMP Redirect messages if the solaris server is not required to receive ICMP Redirect messages (say a single Router/Gateway network/subnets scenario) as a malicous hacker could send fake ICMP redirect messages to modify the routing table on the host and potentialy cause a Denial of Service attack.

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