Apr 302008

Everytime you reboot your Sun Solaris Server, you may find that one or more of your Network Interfaces may not come online.

If you did a “netstat -r”

sunsolaris# netstat -r

Routing Table: IPv4
  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref   Use   Interface
——————– ——————– —– —– —— ———
BASE-ADDRESS.MCAST.NET solaris10            U         1      0 hme0
default              UG        1      0 hme0
localhost            localhost            UH        1     61 lo0

You may not find that the network for the Network interface not found in there ( here) and as you would expect adding the netmask manually fixes the problem.

sunsolaris# ifconfig hme0

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Mar 222008

Do you you DHCP to get the IP Address for your Solaris Server or workstation then its worth understanding what your DHCP Agent by default requests for from the DHCP server and help avoid certain network issues like “unknown” hostname issue as I’ve descrbed here.

The DHCP Agent by default requests for the

Subnet Mask

Default Router


DNS Domain

Broadcast Address

Encapsulated Vendor Option (vendor specific information as described in RFC 2132)

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Mar 222008

If you are using DHCP to receive IP Address for your Sun Solaris system, you may end up with no hostname assigned to the system. This can be confirmed when there is no hostname at the prompt or if the output for the command “hostname” is as follows:

# hostname

or the /etc/hosts file has an entry as follows:

# cat /etc/hosts
# Internet host table
# localhost unknown # Added by DHCP

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