Jul 292009

When you run any boot command like “boot net” or “boot -s” from the OK prompt (OBP), you may end up with the error

FATAL: system is not bootable, boot command is disabled

Don’t panic!!!

This error indicates that interrupted the boot process prematurely, most likely when the memory checks were run with “STOP + A” or a break from console.

To resolve this problem simply Power OFF and power ON the system. Alternatively, you can perform a “reset-all” from the OK prompt.

This should help!

  5 Responses to “OBP Error: FATAL: system is not bootable, boot command is disabled”

  1. {1} ok boot cdrom
    FATAL: /memory@m0,0: OpenBoot initialization sequence prematurely terminated.

    FATAL: system is not bootable, boot command is disabled

    Do Like this

    {1} ok printenv auto-boot?
    auto-boot? = true
    {1} ok setenv auto-boot? false
    auto-boot? = false
    {1} ok reset-all

    System will boot in to ok prompt.
    Then the issue will dissapper

  2. Thxs a ton ,,, It worked .

  3. Yes, thank you, now that I am at ok, I tried to boot cdrom, but keyboard is now not in sync; I get a “c” or = non-stop scrolling? not sure how to get past this

  4. I got the same error .fatal error .boot is disabled.then i make the auto-boot to false and gave reset-all .But this resetting is never completed .it stays in that processes/screens going on.Still to comlete after 24 hours.pls help how to make it up
    Advance thanks

  5. it worked for me.

    {3} ok boot
    Bad magic number in disk label
    Can’t open disk label package
    Boot device: rootmirror File and args:
    Loading: /platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-480R/boot_archive
    Loading: /platform/sun4u/boot_archive
    ramdisk-root ufs-file-system
    Loading: /platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-480R/kernel/sparcv9/unix
    Loading: /platform/sun4u/kernel/sparcv9/unix

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