Jan 112008

When you run a command remotely from one Solaris Server (say SERVERA) to a remote server (say SERVERB)  you might encounter the error

RSH: Permission denied

This could happen even though you have the host entry in the .rhosts file of the user.

 This could still be a problem with the .rhosts entry.

To resolve this problem. Try to do a RSH / Telnet / SSH onto the other server entering a username and password.

Once logged in, run the command

#who am i

This  will show the machines actual name/ip that the remote machine sees. Enter this name in the .rhosts file and that should fix the problem.

  6 Responses to “Error – RSH Permission Denied in Sun Solaris”

  1. Thanks a lot for to the point answer. It helped me. It’s working fine now.

  2. I have a printer with Xerox X700 SunSolaris system, today made the following error:

    Can you help me? I have to reinstall the entire system?


  3. started[7]: failed to abandon contract 39: permission denied

  4. I recieved a similar error this morning. I booted into failsafemode and updated the archive (yes to both prompts when it asks). I then rebooted the system and went into default mode and all was happy again.

  5. Thanks a lot, dear friend. It was simple, helpful and most important exactly at the right time 😉

  6. Thanks! This was very helpful.

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