Apr 242008

The adb utility is a general purpose debugger tool for Sun Solaris. adb utility can be used to view system variables and the values of the various system variables in use by the Sun Solaris Operating System. It  can  be  used to examine files and provides a controlled environment for the execution of programs.

To start the utility

sunsolaris# adb -k
physmem 1f78e

This opens the debug session. To verify a system variable like “pt_cnt” which defines the maximum number of the remote “pty” connections to the system


pt_cnt /D

and should see the value of the variable set to “0” as follows

sunsolaris# adb -k
physmem 1f78e
pt_cnt:         0

The “0” indicates that the maximum number of sessions is the default set by “pt_pctofmem” system variable.

This should work on all the system variables and the ones defined in /etc/system file.

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  1. How can I get the list of system variables in solaris ?

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