Jan 182010

The following  error on the Sybase ASE intalled on Sun Solaris can occur if the Maximum shared memory allocated is max’d out or if none is allocated, it takes the default value which is “Total Physical Memory /4”.

Backup Server: [0] The ‘shmget’ call failed with error number 22 (Invalid argument). Refer to your operating system documentation for further details.

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Jan 122010

Have you ever had the following error popup on your /var/adm/messages:

Oct  8 12:26:14 myserver sshd[29288]: [ID 800047 auth.error] error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER

It would look like a security incident with the “nouser” system account but not so to be. The error gets written to /var/adm/messages when a user tries to SSH to the server using a user account which doesn’t exist on the system (a typo error can contribute) or on your NIS/NIS+ systems.

So no panic!!!!

Jan 022009

In Solaris 10, if you want to find the processor type and the number of physical processors installed on the system and the number of Virtual Processors available on the system then the psrinfo command does job for you.

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May 132008

This is one of those not so technical tip but certainly the one we need when it comes to talk to Sun Support or creating a documentation. yes, its taking screenshots in Sun Solaris Operating Environment using CDE. Sun Solaris X utilities uses “xwd“, an application that is standard among the X utilities can be used to take screenshots. 

xwd dumps the output of a window into a file that can be viewed with xwud, or converted with convert (part of ImageMagick package), xv or another tool to a more usable image type, like png.

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May 062008

A quick reference guide for “at” utility in Sun Solaris. “at” utility in unix is similar to the “cron” daemon except for that “at” jobs are run only once while cron jobs are recurring. “at” is primarily used to schedule a job which can be command or a script to run once at a particular time although it can be made to reschedule the job. This could be immediatly or at a later time.

The at utility reads commands from standard input and groups them together as an at job, to be executed at a later time.

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Apr 292008

The Volume Manager (vold) daemon in Sun Solaris will automatically detect and mount a CDROM when inserted on Sun Solaris under /cdrom (if CD is not labelled )or /cdrom/<label> where <label> is the label of the CD

In instances where vold is not running or when there is a need to manually mount the CDROM the following the procedure should help.

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