May 132008

This is one of those not so technical tip but certainly the one we need when it comes to talk to Sun Support or creating a documentation. yes, its taking screenshots in Sun Solaris Operating Environment using CDE. Sun Solaris X utilities uses “xwd“, an application that is standard among the X utilities can be used to take screenshots. 

xwd dumps the output of a window into a file that can be viewed with xwud, or converted with convert (part of ImageMagick package), xv or another tool to a more usable image type, like png.

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May 092008

In multiprocessor environments, Sun Solaris can allow enabling or disabling Processors. This although is not something that we would do all the time but can come handy when troubleshooting hardware issues.

Sun Solaris has the psradm utility which allows enabling or disabling a Processor on the system. The psradm utility changes the operational status of processors. The legal states for the processor are on-line, offline, spare, Faulted, and no-intr. An online processor processes LWPs (lightweight  processes) and can be interrupted by I/O devices in the system.

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May 062008

A quick reference guide for “at” utility in Sun Solaris. “at” utility in unix is similar to the “cron” daemon except for that “at” jobs are run only once while cron jobs are recurring. “at” is primarily used to schedule a job which can be command or a script to run once at a particular time although it can be made to reschedule the job. This could be immediatly or at a later time.

The at utility reads commands from standard input and groups them together as an at job, to be executed at a later time.

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