Sep 202011

As a system administrator, every now and then you may come across situations wherein your SAN admin presents you some storage (LUNS) and you can’t find where the hell has it gone. The following are some of the ways to list the LUNS presented on a controller or all the controllers on the server.
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Dec 072010

Leaving aside the performance improvements and re-engineering and architectural changes in Solaris 11, one of the significant and noticeable changes that comes along with Solaris 11 is the introduction of a lot of GNU tools out of the box. To make it even better, they replace the UNIX default versions.
This is my opinion is significant shift in approach from Sun (Oracle)  for good reasons allowing users, admins to use more powerful features of the GNU tools that were missing from the default versions.
Dec 012010

You may find the following error in your JET build install logs:
WARNING: BASE_CONFIG: JS_install_patchclust: Unable to locate patch 119545-03
Recently, when building servers using Sun JET (SUNWjet), I found that the patches from the Sun recommended Patch cluster is not installed as a part of the JET build. Digging deeper, I found the above error messages in the Jet install logs.
Nov 082010

tcpdrop is a free utility to drop an established TCP connection in Sun solaris. It is a port of the tcpdrop utility from FreeBSD and openBSD. tcpdrop doesn’t do what it says on the tin and nothing more but does it very well. tcpdrop works in Solaris 10,9,8

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Jan 182010

The following  error on the Sybase ASE intalled on Sun Solaris can occur if the Maximum shared memory allocated is max’d out or if none is allocated, it takes the default value which is “Total Physical Memory /4”.

Backup Server: [0] The ‘shmget’ call failed with error number 22 (Invalid argument). Refer to your operating system documentation for further details.

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Jan 122010

There has been more than one instance when the Sun ILOM was not responsive to commands or were throwing errors. For instance, when you try to run the following command to reset the ILOM

-> reset /SP
Are you sure you want to reset /SP (y/n)? y
Performing hard reset on /SP failed
reset: No such inventory

or when you try to reset the ILOM password, you may get the error “Set: No such object value
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Jan 122010

As we discussed earlier here, you can find the serial number of a Sun Hardware using the utility “sneep”. However, in Sun X86 systems, you can use the pre-installed tool “ipmitool” to find the system serial number. It is not as straight forward as sneep but still is simpl procedure.

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